Why do we live in such a BLAME society?

I don’t listen to the news, but my flatmate mentioned the Hillsborough Disaster case – which happened 30 years ago – being re-opened & that they’re now looking to blame the policemen who were there for the death of the people crushed to death in the stampede.

They probably did what they thought was right at the time. It wasn’t anybody’s FAULT that such a ‘disaster’ occurred; it was an accident.


Similar also is the recent fire in the tower block in London – it was an accident that a fridge exploded.

It was probably human error that the fire alarms didn’t sound – maybe these should have been checked more regularly.

And they say the cladding of the building was flammable and that ‘they’ knew that when it was built…. But asbestos used to be used in buildings, which is now illegal – things change.

So people are blaming the builders/ architects/ alarms/ firemen/ fridge company…..


There is too much focus on the problem – we should look to solutions and to learning from the mistakes to improve the future, starting from NOW, the Present.

There is so much anger and hatred in the world.   😦

We need more people coming together in times of sadness and pain to show LOVE. Everyone together, not us against them…

(Though I admit that just by writing this post, I am creating a division of myself as different to others… it’s certainly a tricky trap to not fall into…)