Save Our Skies! (a rant about chemtrails)

I’m usually a positive-outlook person, but when it comes to voracious, depraved people destroying our planet Earth without a thought, it kinda puts me in a negative state.

Pollution in the upper atmosphere is a bad thing. Chemtrails (chemical trails from aircraft) are a cause for concern, and the government isn’t doing anything to stop this deliberate & illegal corruption from happening.


I don’t know where these aircraft come from or which specific people fly them, but ‘the people in control’ (the ones with trillions of dollars who only want more money and more power for their own personal gain) are behind it.

I’ve read on some sources that the military are looking to control our weather systems within the next 9 years! Geoengineering, as it is also known, is happening all over the world. Several petitions have already been proposed – and rejected, with lame excuses.
(If you wish, you can sign a current petition here:


Our amazing sky stretches up out to space, into infinity, but this blanket of pollution being created above our heads is trapping in hazardous toxins & fumes… It makes me think of The Simpsons Movie, where they place a dome over Springfield – this is in effect what the geoengineering is doing to our entire planet!

I’m not gonna go into detail about chemtrails – there’s loads of info on the internet already… But these hazardous gases are causing changes in our climate and also our health, leading to an increase in diseases such as cancer.
(People say that running a marathon or doing a bungee jump is helping to “beat cancer” – but is it? Really? Researching ways to ‘cure’ cancer is not what we need. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ – we should be looking to stop the use of toxic chemicals – including also the pesticides in our foods, and fumes emitted from our vehicles…)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now I’ve got some of that frustration out of my system, I’m reminded that it does no good to feel hatred or anger at something beyond my control.
Reading a book by spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, he says that negativity prevents a desirable outcome from occurring – instead it keeps the undesirable thing in place.
So I will let go of this resentment towards the atmospheric pollution offenders, and instead work on what I can do to make the world a better place.  Peace.