It’s the little things

I’d had a stressful day at work. My brow was furrowed as I left to walk home through the park.
Then, a very young boy in a pushchair waves at me and says ‘hello’ in his own baby-language as I walk past, and I wave back with a smile.
It warmed my heart and the lines on my forehead melted away as I was reminded that there’s more to life than work, and the innocence of the child showed me that things aren’t so bad. 🙂
That same week, I was feeling low in energy and low in mood. I’d been moping  about most of the day, an air of grumpiness surrounding me…
Then, when eating my dinner that evening, the sun still shining faintly, a blackbird, sitting right outside on the windowsill serenades me with its various melodies of chatters & whistles – helping to keep my mind in the present moment.
I thank the universe for my life, grateful for my senses of hearing, sight, and taste. No need to feel so down – this too shall pass. 🙂



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