Mid-year Gratitude

Looking at my diary, I notice the day number in the corner of the box says '182-183' on Saturday, and '183-182' on Sunday - so, in calendar time, we're half way through 2017. I glance back through the pages of the previous 6 months and feel grateful for so many people and things in my life... … Continue reading Mid-year Gratitude



Why do we live in such a BLAME society? I don’t listen to the news, but my flatmate mentioned the Hillsborough Disaster case – which happened 30 years ago – being re-opened & that they’re now looking to blame the policemen who were there for the death of the people crushed to death in the … Continue reading Blame-Culture

Save Our Skies! (a rant about chemtrails)

I’m usually a positive-outlook person, but when it comes to voracious, depraved people destroying our planet Earth without a thought, it kinda puts me in a negative state. Pollution in the upper atmosphere is a bad thing. Chemtrails (chemical trails from aircraft) are a cause for concern, and the government isn’t doing anything to stop this deliberate … Continue reading Save Our Skies! (a rant about chemtrails)