In the local park, there are a couple of tall trees (Eastern Cottonwoods).
Hearing their leaves rustling in the breeze, I pondered, ‘is it the breeze that makes the sound, or the leaves that make the sound?’

The breeze on its own, without moving through the leaves, would be silent
The leaves on their own, unmoved by breeze, would be silent
Therefore, it is the interaction of the breeze and the leaves that produces the rustling sound.

Going further,  one leaf blowing in the breeze on its own probably wouldn’t make much sound (if any*), so it is the leaves brushing against each other, affected by the movement of the air, which creates the sound.

All things are interrelated.
Everything has an effect on another thing(s).
Everything in the universe is linked; everything is one.

Nature is wondrous and beautiful.


* Almost a case of ‘What’s the sound of one leaf blowing?’  ;o)



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