“They’re silly” … are they?

I’ve noticed this week that I’m being very critical of others – saying to myself that they are silly or stupid coz of what they are doing. However, my opinion that they are ‘silly’ is based on my perception of their actions, due to how I see the world. To them, their actions may be … Continue reading “They’re silly” … are they?


In my own world

I am alone in my own world Everyone has their own map of the world We create our own reality No one can see into my mind No one has exactly the same experience of xyz as I do I’m quite a private person and don’t share much about my life with other people Without … Continue reading In my own world

Save Our Skies! (a rant about chemtrails)

I’m usually a positive-outlook person, but when it comes to voracious, depraved people destroying our planet Earth without a thought, it kinda puts me in a negative state. Pollution in the upper atmosphere is a bad thing. Chemtrails (chemical trails from aircraft) are a cause for concern, and the government isn’t doing anything to stop this deliberate … Continue reading Save Our Skies! (a rant about chemtrails)